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Singapore Pre Setup Advisory for Finance Companies Service

We are a leading regulatory compliance consulting firm in Singapore. We can provide a pre-setup advisory to you for your venture in Singapore.

Singapore pre setup advisory finance or fintech companies

What is a pre-setup advisory service?

Lets say that you intend to start a business in the financial sector in Singapore, for example, you might be intending to start a fund management business or a fintech startup. You roughly know that you will need a license from the Monetary Authority of Singapore. But beyond this, you don’t have a detailed idea. So the questions in your mind can be :

  • What is going to be the legal entity structure, and how much will it cost me?
  • Which licenses will my operations be subjected to?
  • How much will be the rough cost of obtaining and maintaining those licenses?
  • What conditions must I satisfy to obtain licenses?
  • What other services may I need? Where can I get those? What will be the rough cost of those services?
  • How much total cost can I expect to incur on a yearly basis?

Answers to these questions are very important from a planning perspective. However, if you don’t get a proper consultant to answer on this then its very difficult for you to come to conclusions. You are left mostly to the internet to find answers to these questions.

Summary: We can provide a pre-setup advisory to you

Engage us for the pre-setup advisory services. We will be able to clarify all those questions for you. We also provide all the compliance services required by companies operating in the financial sector. So engage us today.

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