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Singapore MAS Compliance Service

We are a leading regulatory compliance consulting firm in Singapore. We can provide compliance services for various MAS Matters.

Singapore MAS Compliance Services

What is included in compliance services?

If you are holding any license issued by the monetary authority of Singapore, then your company is subject to various compliances. If your team is very small and if you do not have the requisite manpower, then we can act as an outsourced Compliance Service provider for you. Typically these services include:

Outsourced compliance service provider

We can provide all the compliance services required. We can help you with AML KYC checks on your customers. Keep a proper record of the same.

Compliance advisory

We can provide you advisory on various compliance matters from time to time. The Monetary Authority of Singapore keeps on issuing new advisory notes from time to time. We keep track of all these changes and can advise you on what steps you need to take.

Compliance review

You can engage our services for periodic compliance reviews. We will, in that case, go through your compliance landscape, latest MAS guidelines and advise you of the changes as required.

MAS form filings

Many licenses require the periodic filing of details in various returns to the MAS. We can do this activity for you, based on the information provided by you.

Summary: We can provide Compliance Services to you

Engage us for periodic compliance services as mentioned above. We also provide all the compliance services required by companies operating in the financial sector. So engage a professional firm like ours today.

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