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Singapore MAS Audit Support Service

We are a leading regulatory compliance consulting firm in Singapore. We can provide MAS Audit Support Service for your organisation.

Singapore MAS Audit Support Services

What is included in MAS Audit Support Service?

If you are holding any license issued by the monetary authority of Singapore, then your company is subject to various compliances. Depending upon the license you hold, you might be subjected to MAS Audit periodically.

MAS will normally give you 2 weeks advance notice, that their reps will be visiting for audit. If you need any support during this period then we can provide you the same.

Preparation is important for the audit. Our staff can visit your office and go through the compliance records and ensure all things are in order. It’s a kind of preparation before audit.

Summary: We can provide MAS Audit Support services to you

Engage us for MAS Audit support Services as mentioned above. We also provide all the compliance services required by companies operating in the financial sector. So engage a professional firm like ours today.

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