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Singapore MAS Regulatory Compliance Training Service

We are a leading regulatory compliance consulting firm in Singapore that can conduct Compliance Training for your Team in Singapore.

Singapore MAS Compliance Training

What is a Compliance Training?

If your company is holding any License issued by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, then your company is bound to follow the compliance procedures.

This at a ground level means three things:

  • You must have a documented compliance policy and a manual
  • You must follow that policy in your day to day work

Obviously, this then necessitates training to your employees about the compliance policy and how to do it in the day to day work. So this service is about training your employees about the compliance policy of your company and how to follow it. (Do not mistake it with general topic of regulatory training).

Sometimes the need for training may be necessitated due to the resignation of an existing employee. Some of the fund management companies are quite small in terms of staff and outsourcing the training might be the best option for them.

When Compliance training can not be outsourced?

Sometimes in large setups or fintech organizations the staff needing training might be large in number. For example, for a payment processor company, there can be a team of 10 people doing only onboarding. So the requirements for training might arise quite often and in such a case having a trainer within your organisation may be necessary.

In that case we can possibly, provide the services of train the trainer, who further can take responsibility of in house training.

How does Compliance Training helps

Staff training is necessary

If you expect that once a compliance manual is prepared, your staff will go through it and will understand instinctively all the policies and procedures to be followed then it might too much to expect. They might need a bit of hand-holding and a training session.

Training every time there are changes

Sometimes your business model changes, new investment products come into the fund strategy. However, the compliance manual was created a while back, and it doesn’t deal with these new products or strategies. So you update the manual, which then possibly needs training to your employees.

Periodic training (and also retraining) is a compliance requirement

Conducting periodic training for employees and sometimes Conducting the same training again after a period of time, is mandatory as per the training plan in your compliance policy. So by conducting periodic training, you are complying with the regulations.

Summary: We can conduct compliance training for your staff

We are a regulatory Compliance Consulting firm based in Singapore. We can provide you compliance training services for your staff in Singapore. Get in touch with us today for any training requirements.

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