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MAS License Application, MAS Compliance, Policy, TRM

Engage Our Services to comply with all fund management requirements. We are expert on all the compliances with MAS.


Singapore Compliance Services

Singapore Compliance Consulting + Company Registration

Leading Singapore Compliance Consultancy Firm

We provide consultancy and advisory to Funds, Fintech Organisations for application of various MAS Licenses and also provide other requirements like Risk Framekwork, AML / KYC, Policy Creation, Periodic Audit, Ongoing Monitoring, Mock Audit. For every matter relating to MAS Complaince we can act as a guardian.


Our team is an expert in what we do. We are experts in MAS Compliance and Licensing Matters.


All of our solutions are cost-effective. Since the consultancy charges are reasonable, you can engage us confidently.

Legal and Procedures

We specialize in MAS and regulatory Compliance in Singapore. Expertise in these areas help us to serve our clients better.

License Application Support

Policy & Risk Framework

Fintech Support

Ongoing Monitoring

Our Business Services Scope

We provide following services

MAS License Application

We will assist you in filing license application for VCC, RFMC or LFMC, fintech as the case. We will do all the paperwork for you, submit and monitor with MAS.

Compliance Policy

Every VCC, Fund, fintech need to have its own compliance policy. The elements of this keeps on changing. We will draft a proper policy for your specific situation.

AML / KYC Support

When new funds arrive, we will help you to do AML / KYC as per MAS guidelines.

Compliance Audit

All FMCs, Fintech operating in Singapore must do satisfactory internal audits either internally or via a third-party service provider. We will provide these services to you.

Compliance training

We offer training on AML/CFT, customer due diligence, cross-border activities, tax compliance, risk management, understanding of laws and procedures, and more.

MAS Audit Support

MAS conducts audit periodically. We will assist you in when the audit it due for. However this can be done only if you are doing Internal audit through us.

Pre Setup Advisory

Get an advisory on all aspects of setup, costs, services needed, service providers and other legal considerations.

TRM / Cyber Hygine

For Fintech Companies, we offer services to implement TRM and Cyber Hygiene policies and inculcate it in their compliance policies and risk metrics.

Legal Entity Setup

We are also a Singapore based Filing Agent for corporate registration. Our team will help to register company for you.

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2 Minute introduction to our services and how we can help in your complaince obligations.

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Why Should You Engage Our Services

MAS Compliance for Fintech and Fund management is quite stringent. Moreover many funds are from overseas and find sometimes difficult to manage compliance. We can help you in all this regards. Engage our services confidently.

How Singapore Compliance Can Help You

Offer Expertise

The Singapore Compliance process is complicated and time consuming. There will be lot of questions and clarifications requested from MAS at times. You need to prepare Risk Management Framework and KYC policies. Often you will be at doubt as to which document is right and needs to be submitted? But you don’t need to worry. Our team is an expert at this. We can guide you through this process completely.

Support In Licensing Application

Most of the MAS licenses have some conditions which you need to meet. Additionally there will be documents to be submitted with the application form. The process in most cases takes 3-4 months. Any step done wrong will mean delay in your business plan. But do not worry, Our expert team will help you with this. Before submission, the form and all relevant documents are checked multiple times.

Other Consultancy

For every MAS license holder there are other things you need to prepare of. These things are like Risk Framework, AML Policy, handling audit, training the team, employee policy etc. We can provide support to you on all these things.

Guardian of the Complete Process

As a regulatory Compliance Support specialist, we can act as a guardian for all your MAS related processes. Be it policy preparation, mock audit, preparation for MAS audit, we can help in all situations.

MAS Licenses We Can Help you in

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